Booking Conditions

  • Model rates can be by the hour, (2 hour minimum), half day (4 hours) or full days (8 hours plus ample lunch break).
  • Cancellation Policy – On confirmed bookings, within 48 hours half fee, less than 24 hours notice full fee.
  • Overtime rates -time-and-a-half applies after 8 hours and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Day rate is based on an 8 hour day including breaks.
  • Lingerie rates are double a model’s normal hourly rate while the model is on – set and apply for bras, panties, slips, pantyhose,  jockey and boxer shorts, sleepwear, transparent or translucent articles; the agency must check with the model before accepting any lingerie bookings. 2 hr min. Closed set required.
  • Fitting rate: pinning, styling, trying on 2 or more garments, minimum 1 hour of day rate.
  • Weather Permit – on confirmed bookings cancellations not charged if services are immediately rescheduled; Full fee if not rescheduled. Weather permit cancellations made earlier are subject to normal cancellation policy.
  • Weather permit options: book or release will be enforced for options when the secondary job is ready to confirm.
  • A standard 20% agency/service fee is charged on top of all model rates.
  • Payment terms/Invoicing- Net 30 days.
  • Image Usage- limited to the specific rights granted and confirmed by Sigal Model & Talent, LLC Agency in writing. For shows, this is event coverage/blogs/press only. Any further image usage is subject to additional fees. This includes social media postings.
  • Social media will be negotiated as a separate entity and is not included in the standard web and electronic media usage terms. Agency must pre-approve any usage for advertising or promotion.
Client Responsibilities:
  1. Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements.
  2. When booking a weather permit, specify weather conditions.
  3. Provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.
  4. Check with the agency for advertising conflicts.