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Sigal Models & Talent is based in Columbus, Ohio and managed by Karen & Monica Sigal. This “Mother-Daughter duo” is determined to positively impact the fashion world using love and devotion as a means of bringing out the true beauty of their models. With 40+ years in the fashion and commercial industry, the matriarch Karen Sigal pours wisdom and fashion etiquette into her models and instills the importance of giving back to communities. Karen & Monica believe in making positive “role” models who use notoriety as a means of helping the greater cause.

World-renowned, Sigal Models & Talent exemplifies the spirit of royalty, requiring high quality from their models above all else. During a selective process, Sigal Models & Talent evaluates not only the person’s ability to model but their professional traits as well. Being refined, timely, and confident are some of the many attributes Sigal Models expects.

To date, the Sigal Team has successfully trained and mentored thousands of Models, who have found work with over 100 major US and International brands! In 2020 Sigal Model Academy was formed! The SMA team continues to build and develop new pathways and to protect aspiring models from unrealistic expectations, bogus explanations and scandalous exploitation. Mother and daughter are both committed to candidly sharing the unvarnished truth about this often crazy and complex industry. Their professional team is backed by their credentials and years of experience, they will be your expert guides through it all!

Karen Sigal, Director of Operations

Karen Sigal

Director of Operations

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Karen Sigal is the founder and Director of Operations for Sigal Models & Talent. She is a former professional model and expert booking agent with more than 40 years’ experience in the world of fashion and commercials. Sigal Models & Talent is one of the most respected modeling agencies in the mid-west, having served their clients and the community since the mid 1990’s. This family business is committed to positively impacting the industry using love and devotion as a means of bringing out the true beauty of their models.

Sigal Models offers career development, management and placement expertise including exclusive worldwide representation.Their models have been featured in major ad campaigns, billboards, catalogs, editorial, runway, fit and TV commercial modeling. Sigal has a proven blueprint for training models in an industry that is highly competitive and requires constant development and skills. They stand apart as leaders who present polished, poised and professional model candidates prepared for paid work opportunities in fashion and commercial fields. Behind this level of success is an agency with a stellar reputation due to training, videos, guidebooks and guidance that give their models the added edge.

As a mentor and Director of Sigal Model Academy, Karen now teaches, trains and inspires model candidates in career professionalism. She is a role model for exploring modeling success with commitment, style and dignity.

Monica Sigal, Model Development Director

Monica Sigal

Model Development Director

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Monica Sigal is a former Lifestyle and Fit Model in Columbus, Ohio and New York City. She currently serves as New Faces & Model Development Director at Sigal Models & Talent. She knows what goes on behind the scenes in the modeling industry and uses her expertise to help candidates accelerate their professional progress while avoiding serious mistakes.

In addition, Monica is a certified Yoga instructor and Personal Life Coach. She supports model candidates in strengthening their physical appearance as well as self-confidence. Yoga discipline and practices also help models more easily achieve their personal and professional goals. Monica guides potential models in moving from amateurs to professionals through her personalized coaching at Sigal Model Academy.

Mark Cohen, New Faces Director

Mark Cohen

New Faces Director

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Mark started his career in the modeling industry nearly 40 years ago. He started training at both of the major modeling training centers, Barbizon and John Casablancas and did modeling for quite some time. He then decided he wanted to learn how to help other people become models and he became an instructor. He became certified in photo posing runway choreography as well as television workshops. He is both certified in Ohio as well as Florida. The next step that he did, as he decided he really wanted to help people get involved in the modeling industry, was finding out what the other side of the desk was like. At one point in his career he became a new faces director for a division of elite models out of New York. With a lot of do's and don'ts in the industry and a lot of ways people can foolishly waste money he wanted to help people get involved in the modeling industry the proper way. Approximately 25 years ago Mark met Karen Sigal as they both worked in the industry together. Now, being with the Sigal modeling agency he has talked to people all around the world giving them knowledge and information that would help them in this fabulous world of modeling.